Friday, July 29, 2005

Coffee in a Glass

I must say this again: I looooove coffee.
Okay, that said, I must now write about the virtues of drinking coffee in a glass tumbler. Actually, there are no virtues as such, just that I love doing so.
(I think I have gone crazier than my usual self. I am writing crap here!)
On the way to uni, we take Route No SH 48. When dad is dropping me off, I make him stop at this tiny little hotel in a place called Kalladka which is better known for sporadic communal riots. The hotel is the kind I normally wouldnt step into. But this place offers something called Rimjhim coffee, one of the best I have ever had.
This coffee is given in a glass tumbler. Below is the thick milk, middle is the dark decoction and on top you have the froth. It is actually layered that way, dont know how they do it. You are given a long spoon to stir and drink. Delicious!!!
There is something about drinking coffee in a glass. You normally have to blow at it constantly as it is very hot to hold. But it sort of reminds me of tea shops in tiny villages where men sit around discussing politics, the rain and flirting with the lady cook there. Cliched situation I agree but I shall not apologise for it. "Apologising for using a cliche is a cliche in itself"- a qoute I made up recently!!

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