Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What I Learnt Today

We watched the Italian movie 'Umberto D' directed by Vittorio De Sica today. Good one. Its about an old pensioner and his dog. The dog was especially cute.

Had some free time today. Here is what I learnt today:

1. Dry wine is that wine which is fermented till the natural sweetness is gone. Dry wine is had with dinner and sweet wine is had after dinner.
Dont ask why I read that. I dont drink but the pics with the article were very good! ;-)

2. Manchala is a game played in Africa. It consists of seven holes dug out in the ground or is wood. Seeds are placed and the objective is to scoop up as many seeds as you can to win. There are variations s to how the game is played. It is a game I used to play with my granny when I was little. We call it 'Chenne Mane'.

3. Discover India is a really good travel mag.

4. Just checked out www.strangebrewmagazine.com Really cool website. It is a mag started by two software engineers Nikhil Velpanur and Abhijit Prabhakar. I am yet to see the print version but by the looks of their website, I am sure its good. By the way, it was Karthik who gave me that web address.

5. I learnt how creepy some people can be. (Sorry, wont be writing an explanation)


San Nakji said...

Today, as they say was a learning experience huh? Since you put in the last one, I am dying to know what you mean by that....

Deepa said...

nah! you are not going to get that! on a public blog? no way. some other time

San Nakji said...

Well, can't help but be curious....