Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sick....and tagged!

San Nakji was wondering why some bloggers on his privileged list (Thanks so much for putting me there!) dont post regularly. I would if I had easy access to the net. We have just one cyber centre on campus and I hate waiting..... Anyway I was sick for the past few days, got a very very sore throat. I promised myself I would give my voice some rest, then broke it by chatting away to glory! Now its worse! :-(

I havent been reading any other blogs recently and didnt realize I was tagged. San Nakji reminded me that I had to write about...

What Movie Scenes Always Make You Cry (Or would if you were a big crying crier):
This is hard because I am not a crying kind of person. Anyway...

(1)Braveheart- when Gibson cries out for freedom before dying.

(2) Black- when Rani makes her little speech in class.

(3) Titanic- when Leo dies (of course! I had a huge crush on him then!)

(4) Mathrubhoomi- when the female lead is assaulted even when she is pregnant.

(5)Khamoshi- the first and only movie I cried with. It was really long ago and I dont remember the scene very well.

Every Bollywood tear-jerker makes me sit up with a little doubt as to whether the guy and the girl will stay together even though I know they do. Like I said, I never cry at the movies, though I do feel sad.
And now for TV scenes. I have stopped watching TV altogether except for the news (yes people, I am a little boring!).
But the series Roswell overwhelmed me every time. I simply loved every scene, every episode of it.

Phew! That was tough! I know tag Karthik and Ajit Chauhan. Anyone else, you are welcome to invite yoursef and get tagged. Just leave me a comment!

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San Nakji said...

As long as you watch movies you won't be too boring ;o)

Sorry to hear you were sick, you are forgiven!