Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It has been so long since I travelled any where far. I laaauve travelling, whether it is to my estate or somewhere far. I used to love the journey from uni to Madikeri and back but I have done that so many times that I cant bear the sight of the horrible roads. Just six months...patience has to be my virtue here (it never is).

Anyways, I am going on a tour to a Hyderabad this weekend. We (me, my parents and a family friend) will be leaving on the 25th from Mangalore (that road again!) ;-( We will be taking in badami, Aihole and Pattadkal first. These are all historical places. Next stop is Bijapur, the kingdom of the Bahamani rulers. Then we will be going to Hyderabad, the land of the Nizams, Charminar and lac bangles! I will be back at uni on the 01st (what worse way to start a new year!).

I believe that the journey is always more important than the destination. We will be on the road quite a lot. Its a pity we wont have time to stop and talk to people on the way. We are on a very tight schedule. Also, ma is very finicky about the road side tea stalls. I have grown to love eating there and would all along the way, if not for ma. Wonder what it is with mothers and food. There are always after you to eat well, eat at clean places, hygiene, nutrition, blah...blah...!

I love shocking ma. recently, a friend and I had pani puri from one of those mobile stalls. These are guys who operate with a stool, a matka, two buckets of water, a few steel bowls and amazing speed. The plates were not exactly clean but it was one of the best pani puris I had. Ma was disgusted of course! He he!

I dont know why but I have come to realise that street food always tasted better than in a posh restaurant. Maybe it is to do with the fact that our mothers have always forbidden us from eating there, teachers have drilled us on how dirty it is. How lovely the taste of rebellion! Maybe that is what makes the food taste better!

Two years ago, my class from degree college went on a trip to Kochi, Kerala. On the way back, there was a total bundh in Kodagu and we had to spend a whole day in a village called Maakutta. It was just a tiny place with a police check post, a rundown toilet, a school and a tiny hotel. Most of us slept, some tried to catch fish and others cursed mobile networks for not giving coverage there. The owner at the hotel was thrilled at the business he was getting. He got this elaborate meal cooked with large fish something (my friends told me it was delicious). I and another classmate of mine were the only two vegetarians and we had to eat some sort of rice dumpling. Nevertheless, it was one of the best meals I have ever had.

Three cheers for street food! Cant wait to eat some again! Conversation with fellow customers also adds a special flavour, I must say.


San Nakji said...

Have an awesome trip. Street food is great. I think I would have to build up to it slowly though if I were to get to India...

Dinesh said...

Wish you a haapy journey..
Do have a look at my blog someday. My blog.
Expecting some comments from your side about my blog..

Deepa said...

thanks guys. yes San nakji, you would have to take it easy. Indian food can be hard on delicate stomachs, the spices especially.
and Dinesh, I do read your blog often, just didnt comment. i will though

Dinesh said...

Thanx Deepa..

kannan said...

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