Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Being a Journalist

I suppose you could say I am back in Blogsphere. I missed being away, missed reading everything that you all out there had to write. Life has been.... can't really say busy, it has been much more than that. Days are moving so fast that I seem to have lost sense of time. The day seems to merge into the night until I am so unaware of the concept of time that it really makes no difference to me at all.

But life is also very very good. Being a journo is major fun, believe me. Since I love what I am doing so much, it does not feel like work at all.

I find it strange that people attach a certain amount of glamour to the profession of a journalist. I have met people who almost seemed awed at what I am doing. It is not just about me as a journo, the entire profession seems to almost intimidate them. But there is no absolute glamour there, trust me. It is just like any other job that becomes better if you do it well and if you have a degree of passion.

As a reporter, I have by now seen places in Bangalore that I had never even heard of. I have met some lovely people, some of whom have become friends. I have even seen some very strange people, had some weird experiences. But life has been good, people! You will hear about it, wait and watch this space!


VENU VINOD said...

Hi deepa,
Its nice to here from you, experience of a newcomer in to field of journalism(But iam not a senior journo!). I too feel and wonder why some people show over respect too journos and show fear. But its nice experience for a repoerter that he has to face both praises and curses from people. No other thinking, we have to take them as it is.
I am happy that you got adjusted to the profession very fast.Hats off

San Nakji said...

Good to hear Deepa. Glad to have you back!

I have just been making a TV show, now that is glamorous! ;o)

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

You are a born journo! :)

Ehsaas said...


I really like your ee-pix idea and I love Braveheart too!
all the best for your journalism venture... It's every bit of fun all the way, as I discover 15 years down the line!


Shiv said...


Probably world thinks journalism is a glam world because of projection of themselves :)
Also bollywood & movies do contibute to it little..

Whatever it is..so u r getting the feel of the area where u want to be..hope u r enjoying what u r doing

All the best !

shakri said...

Great! I am now in Blr and getting some disturbing first hand journalistic scoop myself about the life here. Bangalore nalli nadee tori autorickshaw drivers shoshane mele ond article bardideeni nanna blog nalli. Swalpa noDi nimma patrika power use maaDi beLakige tanni Deepa. We need to make this an issue.

Deepa said...

Hi and thanks everyone.
it was amazingly easy to get adjusted, I guess I was born to do this.
Thanks BG.
Keep coming back Palash.
Will look into it Shashi.
And thanks Shiv!