Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Phone Scares Me (Almost)!

Here I am, after a long time. I don't even want to contemplate on what I have been doing these past weeks. That is one path I refuse to walk on now.

Went home last week for four blissful days. Best part was that I did not do anything. Oh I did get a new phone though.

Its a Nokia phone, one of the latest models. It is not very sleek nor is it easy to carry. But the features it has...! Wow! It is so technically advanced that I am almost intimidated every time I try something new in it. As of now, I have learnt to make and receive calls, send messages and take some pictures on it. But I am told it can do a lot more than that. The instruction manual reads like Greek to me. Such technology scares me because it is wierd how much man has actually progressed.

Mobile phones can be irritating sometimes. The best part about them is that you are always connected. The worst part is that you are always connected too. I have family and friends calling up all the time and the first thing they ask is where I am. and I don't always like telling people where I am every minute of the day. It gets so bad sometimes that I am greatly tempted to throw my phone against the wall.

But then, this new one that I have is too pretty to do something like that. And I haven't yet figured out half the things it is capable of doing.


Shiv said...

Like any other invention, mobiles are double-edged u said it can sometimes be very irritating.

Which model of Nokia u got..I guess it has camera,mp3/fm etc etc

Deepa said...

i have a nokia 6680. yes, it has camera, mp3, bbluetooth and a range of other features i am yet to discover!!