Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some Things Never Change

One of the most hackneyed expressions these days could well be `Change is the only constant in the world'. I myself have used it on several occassions in my writings. But I am glad to find that it is not entirely true.

I went home last weekend. It was literally freezing. I might as well have been transported into the past. As I looked out of the window, I could not see anything in front of me; the mist was so thick. It was raining so heavily that walking out of the house was out of the question. All the same...just like it had been over the years, as long as I remember.

I went to my old college to meet some classmates who teach there now. It was like stepping back into time again. felt like a rewind to over two years ago, when we walked the corridors, making pretty much big nuisances of ourselves. Every new face in the college was the butt of our comments. I got my share this time too. The faces had changed of course. But the manner of college life, those irritating lectures, lecturers we could get around by, noisy corridors... nothing's changed.

I went to town too. The same old beloved faces that smile at me, the ones who ask about my job; for whom I am not the journalist from the city, but just a simple girl they watched grow up. The lanes I walked in the rain, the shops I brought chocolates and candy from. The old musty government offices with a thousand files that are never cleared away. Ah!

The country might develop, civilisation may progress. But Madikeri and some things about it never change. And I thank God for it!

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VENU VINOD said...

The 'mysterious mist' that appears when we enter madikeri has always amused me. i wonder why that mist is found only in madikeri, if just come down a kilo metre,in sullia road, you wont find it.
This mist and the cold, and a cup of bubbly coffee in any hotel there, makes madikeri entirely different and i liked it.