Sunday, December 03, 2006

Days of My Journo Life

DAY 1: I have a very early assignment at 8.30. That means I have to sleep walk out of my house by 7.30. Ugh! Thankfully, a colleague is going that way too and says he will pick me up. That means I go out by 8 am. Not too bad but its cold and the bike ride is not something I want to repeat. The assignment is a ok one, followed by breakfast at Koshy's again (reason is that no other decent restaurant is open at that hour on M G Road). I go to this book festival near office and blow up a lot of money on some great titles. I am happy, relaxed, in spite of the early hour. The wind is slightly cold still and am I the first person to walk into the office. It is quiet.

Two hours later, chaos begins. The rest of the day is hazy. The only thing I remember is that I had toooooo much work, frustrated at having to come up with new ideas every day, just cribbing about work. When I call home like I do every night and look forward to cribbing some more about life, office and work to ma, she tells me that she is down with fever and feels terribly weak. That unnerves me further. By the time I get home, I am so frustrated I just want to scream out, cry, whatever. That, when crying is a very very huge thing for me to do. I never cry, even when required, which is bad I know. I end up bottling up all this and drop down to a bad night of sleep.

DAY 2: The same thing repeats. Actually pretty much of the first paragraph repeats. By evening ma is better. I still have toooooo much work but I am relaxed. The frustration is there but I will it to go away and it does. I come home, read a book and sleep deeply.

What made the difference, you ask. On day 2, I forced myself to wake up half and hour earlier and practised my yoga. I meditated for just a while, told myself it would be a good day, prayed and stretched my body in all ways possible in postures. And that made all the difference.

DAY 3: Same as above.

I wonder why I ever stopped yoga. Even as I type these words, muscles I didn't know I had are aching from having stretched them after ages. But it feels good. I feel alive. I do not advocate the benefits of yoga here.
Actually, I do. Yoga, or any other form of exercise, does wonders. Now this instant use like I got may not be possible. For me, it has been an on-off thing. But keep at it and even those dirty politicians, mundane press conferences and the mindless people wont unnerve you. No wonder Indians have always been cool!

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