Monday, December 11, 2006

When Its All Worth It

Yesterday, a colleague and I were cribbing about how not-so-interesting life was. Suddenly, we said hey! If we journalists call our lives boring, how it must be for others. I mean, we get to experience something new every single day in this profession. We have flexible work hours, get to meet new people every day, go to funny, amusing events, so much happens in life. This colleague had just met all the top film stars at a press conference that day. I had gone to a military school event where I got to watch a hardcore patriotic play. Our lives are not boring, it is just that we don't appreciate how much we have going for us.

Journalism is all about something new everyday. That military school event was great fun. It was an early assignment and I had to wake up early too, something I loathe. I dragged myself to the Defence PRO's office and we went to the school in one of those huge military buses. I love those army types. They look so dashing in those uniforms. It is not that all of them are good looking (most are). Just that there is something so Indian about them. Maybe the uniform, maybe their discipline. Everytime I see one of them, I want to salute them, then and there.

Anyway, this event was the diamond jubilee celebrations of the military school. The alumni were all shouting across the hall to greet old friends, typical school alumni meet atmosphere. The chief guest was the Governor of Karnataka. The moment he entered, the school band began to play the national anthem. It was one of the best I have ever heard. Patriotism, at least an outward show of it, is largely restricted to August 15, January 26 and Indo-Pak cricket matches, I feel. I love my country, but it is not often that I feel a surge of pride in how beautiful India is. Perhaps when you are living here, you take it for granted. But there, listening to the anthem, I actually got goosebumps! It was just.... overwhelming in a way. I felt so proud of my country then.

Yesterday, I was assigned to go cover an exhibition put up by the graduating students of Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. I have always been inclined towards the arts, though I don't paint, draw, dance or sing myself. (Well I do sing in the bathroom, dance like crazy sometimes and draw, doodle rather when I am waiting. But this doesn't count.) Give me the jhola, chappals, arty stuff. Works for me over formals, leather bags and pointed shoes.

The arty types, though I don't like typifying them, are different in the way they dress, behave. For starters, they are extremely creative. But then, probably if you are in an atmosphere that induces creative thinking, it shouldn't be too hard.

Anyway, I did go to this event and spoke to a lot of students. Some of their projects are amazing, some weird, some too complex. But on the whole, it was a great break from covering dumb politics, boring speeches and mindless events. I did get some byline stories too, to take care of special story demands.

Moral of the story: Journalism and writing is just another job at the end of the day. We get bored too, we crib about life, just like every other person in every other profession. But at times, like the two examples above, it all seems worth it. I understand that going to such events and meeting different kinds of human beings and different kinds of people (there is a difference, believe me) does not happen to everyone. I appreciate the opportunities I get. Well, sometimes I don't. Come on, it is almost a given that you need to crib about work, your boss, salary, etc. I am just following the rules of the working world people!

I ramble too much here. But it is all worth it. Life, in spite of everything, is worth living.


dharmabum said...

i think experiencing something new can happen all the time - its just how awake and aware we are, and how we much we look forward to life. i agree that some professions like yours build in such opportunities by design, but i also believe it is in our attitude! i for one, am by nature an adventurer - amusing myself with everyday events and all the people i see - from the fellow eater at the hotel where i had breakfast this morning to the bus driver when we stopped off at the signal on my way to work...everything seems new and fascinating!

the eye, btw, is beautiful! :o)

Deepa said...

i agree with you, i do a lot of observing people too. but believe me, something new everyday can get monotonous too sometimes. all i want on some days is the feeling of familiarity, but then, its human nature to want what you dont have.

thanks for the comment on my eye!