Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm Still Here

In one of Ruskin Bond's books I read ages ago, there was a Mexican proverb that went, 'Oh to do nothing and then to rest!' I admit I haven't been doing much, yet been kind of busy (or lazy, you could call it). The truth of the matter is that I am currently going through a phase in life, a not too kind one. Too many things occupy my mind....

Just to tell you dear readers that I am still here, the lazy me is posting two lovely pictures Manju took last year in Madikeri. The first is one of the town, a view from one part of the town I had not appreciated till I saw it in the picture. The second one is a stone arrangement he made in our garden, co-ordinating it with the sun ray pattern of the flower paths that I had designed for ma. The torrential rains of Madikeri have washed the arrangement away, but I intend to set it up again, some day. I love the arrangement and the picture. By the way, sun rays happen to be amongst some of my favourite designs/patterns/themes.

Speaking of Madikeri, I am just back from there. Spent some heavenly days there, went trekking alone, talked, took pictures, revelled in my beautiful renovated home, loved it there, as always.


Ashley said...

Oh to do nothing and then to rest.

I wish I could have just a week of that!!!

Take care!

jsr said...

just stumbled upon your blog! good writing, and I can see the travel bug in your writing :)
Keep writing!

Deepa said...

i wish so too Ashley, again! it was such a joy to do absolutely nothing but get treated like a princess by family!

Thanks JSR. Saw your Leh pictures, one place i have been dying to go for ages!

jsr said...

yeah that is one amazing place to be! this year trip on cards! exploring more places around leh/hanley/chumtang/tso moriri!
maybe hope to see you there this year :)