Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Salute You, Your Spirit

There comes a time in life when you begin to see a person or a set of people in a whole new perspective. I have what I call my own universe, a set of very few chosen people (I refuse to name them here. They know who they are.) the people who are my very life, the ones I will go to any lengths to love and protect. All these people I cherish, love and would gladly die for, the ones I take an effort to smile for, the ones I am happy for, the ones who can change my day in just a phone call, my support system.

I have always admired in them their spirit. Perhaps, nah, I am sure you would all know many others in your own little universes who are just as brave and worthy. To me, these are my heroes, because trust me, you need all the courage, the strength, the guts and the will you can muster to be happy and live a life. Today, several conversations later, several moments of knowing and loving, of bits of life that we lived together, the little things we did and did not do, the tears, the fears, the million smiles, the joys, a life later, I sit back and look at you, my little world. I am proud, yes. I am also thankful you are there. I know I am a very lucky one. But above all this today, so many moments of life later, I salute you all your spirit.

I salute ma for bringing me up the way she did, for loving me and for having the courage to let me go. I salute pa for hiding his problems below his smiles, for always being able to manage it all. I salute the best friends, Manju, Raksha and Vani. Each of them for the sheer will power, the strength they have, their spirit to live a life. I salute each of them their smiles, I don't think I would have managed it in their place.

I salute you all for the lives you lead, for the life you have all taught and shown me how to lead. Thank you. Love you all.

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