Saturday, July 19, 2008

Memories, coloured brown tan

Brown tan. I think that's what you could call it, the new wallet I have. Well, its an old one. And that's the story here.

I have a thing for old wallets. Before the mobile phones, I believe that wallets were the most personal thing you could have, the ones that held those tickets to the movie you went with your best friend, a little piece of ribbon from a bouquet of beautiful red roses, some more tickets, some little poetry, a small note on a frayed piece of paper that you don't exactly know why you have saved, debit cards, ID cards, membership cards, often lapsed, little memories that you closet into the confines of a few folds of leather and some money of course! I have always been a wallet person, purses are fine, but too...I don't know...girly for me. I like my bags to be big to hold my world that I carry with me. I like my wallets to be full of my memories....

I have a thing for wallets, I have a thing for old ones that are worn out of use, that have seen the weary travails of the days it has helped a person hold memories. I got my hands on one such brown tan wallet today, the best friends' :-) It is a lot old, a little torn, a little dirty, smooth from having been worn out but I have had my eyes on it for months. Today, it is mine to hold my memories, my stuff, and once in a while, my money when I have it! The brown tan wallet, the one that I have now, will hold within its leather folds, my little life, the stories I make in my head, the ones I write, the little memories I collect.

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