Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The BOSS! :-*

The plush interiors of PVR. A rather quiet crowd, ugh! The cool air conditioned air. Good popcorn and a tall Pepsi. Not the ideal setting at all. But when the BOSS comes on screen, there are a few stray whistles. I let out a small scream, it is not enough. The boss just demands that his entry on the screen comes with much adulation! For those who think I am talking about Bruce Springsteen, my drool factor here is restricted to Rajnikanth. I watched his latest film Kuselan today. It is not strictly a Rajni movie, his role is like an extended cameo and someone I did not see the punch in the film. But still, it was the Boss, anything he does would be in style.

I have always had this fascination to go watch a Rajni movie on the first day of its release. The best friend, Manju, goes every time for a first day show and I end up being incredibly jealous. I have always wanted to go to a rather down market theatre and watch it with the crowd there, not at PVR and sit with a boring crowd that discusses the heroine's make up and the film location! Ugh! The film should be all about the Boss!!!

If you have not figured it out yet, I am a die-hard fan of Rajni. I loved Shivaji, his previous film. We had gone to watch it at a multiplex again. My then colleague and I got so excited and made such a noise that the usher almost threw us out! That was fun. She learnt to whistle after that, I am yet to practise...Dad had promised to teach me, should remind him....

You know, I don't get some people. They would happily watch Superman and Spiderman and all those X-men and others but when Rajni does the same, he is dumb? Phuleeezz! I am all for him. His is a larger than life image. Why not see him just as an Indian superhero? The style, the charisma...ooh...(drool! drool!)
To me, the BOSS, the superman!
(Yenna? Chumma, aderedille?) :-)


DIVYA said...
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DIVYA said...

The boss all over again!!! nice blog!