Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just My Own

Red, ivy-clad
A few yellow lily
Wind in my face
Chill to my bones
Mist, the cloud of peace
Over my heaven
Stones I love, those
And the leaves,
The moss,
The asphalt road,
Every lane, twin
All mine.
My Madikeri
Is just my own.
My memories
The stories I lived,
The ones I tell
They are mine.
My paradise
Where I smile
Where my smiles
Are real and my laughter
My heaven is
A little place on Earth
Called Madikeri,
Just my own.


Vishal said...

Its amazing how many times you use the word 'I' in your posts....

Karthik LG said...

Observed the 'I' factor long time ago :) truly amazing. wht du say ?

read any of ur posts the 'I' is a common factor ;)

Deepa said...

Well its my blog, my posts. "I" wonder why anybody should find a problem with that now!

Deepa said...

And Vishal, maybe you ought to re-think those anonymous comments. They are definitely not appreciated.