Monday, November 24, 2008

Hampi, her people

I say this often, that was amazes me most about my beautiful country is the myriad colours that play a riot with the mundane details of daily life. No matter how grey the day, there is always a bright red, a flaming orange, a deep blue that paints the frame of the eye.
At Hampi, the rocks were brown, sometimes grey. Sombre look, except when they took breathes away under the brilliant lights of the night. But people, in blues and reds and yellows and a mix of all those decorated the rocks, the dry terrain. Some posed, most did not. Yet they were there, oblivious to the camera, just curious, just so colourful.
First and second, siblings taking shelter under a rock mantap with their parents, refused to pose together.
Third, folk artists, just before a performance.
Fourth, the very colourful Yakshagana artists, again, in the backstage, before a performance. Yakshagana is one of the traditional folk arts of Karnataka, mainly prevalent in South Kanara districts.
Fifth, a beggar, very fashionable dressed. And no, I did not ask him to pose.

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