Friday, March 06, 2009

Edited Non-Rant Post

So ok, I listen too. This is an edited non-rant post.

What do I want to write? I still do not know. Neither do I care much. There is some bit of numbness, actually, it's again a I-couldn't-care-any-less.

A lot of things have happened, but then, such is life. Courage is one quality I discovered I had, courage to Live a life. Maybe it was some weird premonition I had, when I called this space My Life, My Rules.

I wish not to write more. Hurt? Maybe. Angry? Very much. At a lot of things, at a lot of people. But then, I wish them all well. A good rant would have done me good, but there is another space for that, that of friends. Right now, nothing could make me feel better than lashing out. But I know me, I shall be miserable later for it.

To use a cliche, at the end of the day, there were some good days. For what my wishes are worth, I wish peace. Happiness too. To all. Most of all, peace within, for that is what makes all the difference there is to be made.

As for me, when I get up in the morning, there is a stillness. It comes from choosing to make peace. I am not there as yet, but I shall get there very soon. I know me.

Sometimes, very rarely, for the very fortunate, life offers a second chance at, well, living. A rare re-birth. I am much honoured. It is to me, the peace I seek.

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