Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Ginger Used to have a Blue Ball....

My Ginger, that arrogant, spoilt to the core old dog of mine, used to have a ball. Blue it was, in colour. One of those rubber ones that used to cost Rs 5. Now Ginger, when he was young and less lazier than he is now, decided when he wanted to play and but of course we had to oblige. He would pounce on the ball, catch it in the air and attack it with much enthusiasm, until a while later when his interest moved on to other things.

But when he was playing with the blue ball, he would literally torture that piece of rubber, biting into it, thrashing it around, digging his teeth in, growling at it....used to be rather funny. You have to hand it in for that cheap toy, despite Ginger's enthusiastic 'manhandling', the ball always bounced back, higher and higher.

And then one day, Ginger bit so hard into his blue ball that there was a tiny hole in it. Still the ball could bounce back, much to his delight. But he kept digging his teeth into that tiny hole and the hole gradually became bigger and bigger.

And one day, the blue ball stopped bouncing back.

And Ginger's interest moved on to other things.

Edit: Here is what a very very dear friend sent to me along with some beautiful pictures from the internet after reading the above post. (an edited version)

You know who you are, thank you.
Poor lil Ginger with thinkin capabilities limited to his species must've thought that he'd stopped d bouncing of the 'blue ball' forever but lil does he know that several million such beautiful blue balls made that are still bouncing in and out of hands of kids even today. He's unaware that the bounce of the 'blue ball' can never be stopped by his lil naughty act but it continues to bounce n spin endlessly bringing joy n cheer into the life of every single kid who is still playing with it. The kid may grow old, the 'blue ball' doesnt. It gets passed on to his siblings as a prized possesion n it forever continues to bounce n delight each of its new owners :-)
Why the very world we live in is a beautiful example for a 'blue ball' that never stops....
The 'blue ball' will never ever stop bouncing....Ginger is the loser not the Blue Ball.

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