Monday, April 06, 2009

A Couple of New Things

Two places I highly recommend you all to check out: Open is this cool weekly news magazine launched a couple of days ago by the RPG group. I love their website, very Apple Mac-ish. You move the cursor along and each spread is highlighted and you get to enlarge it, use the hand tool and all kinds of really cool things. I also liked the fact that their choice of stories is quite different from the others, though the first cover story was, well, not something that would make a lasting impression. I definitely didn't want to see a poll with the cover story. There is also this hilarious story about bullshit and the power of nonsense. Made a lot of sense and brought me a smile, lol!! :-) Overall, Open looks very international to me. Yet another blog where yours truly will be posting. The blog has been started by journalists Jayashree Nandi and Subhro Niyogi and the three of us would be monitoring it. The blog is about developmental journalism and if you have a social issue in mind, do write about it and mail it, with pictures preferably, to


DysfunctionaL said...

Open had a very Time like feel to it.. only on the internet.. I like old fashioned reading from the paper and this website came pretty close to the experience.. however the cover story.. umm.. it definitely lost some points there..
great blog btw!

Deepa said...

I agree with the Time look, it does feel very international.

Thanks about the blog! Do keep coming back!