Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Along Life's Journey

Life, I mention somewhere in posts before this, is the greatest journey I have ever been on. And it continues. I have, in this journey, met hundreds of people. Some I remember enough to become footnotes for me. Some stay on, some, despite all efforts, don't. Or rather cannot. What do you say to them those who get off mid-way?

My journey has been, for lack of a better word, an incredible one. And I include the good and bad part of it. Family is something that you are born into. My friends....except for perhaps the best friend Raksha, I met the rest of my bestest friends in the most unusual of circumstances---on bicycle rides from school in another state to an assignment to college to another random meeting at work. I have been told off for the friends I have, well, that's another saga for another day. I shall not talk of them that form my support system.

What can I say today? People come in, travel a while in this journey with me and get off. There is often pain at that, in various degrees. There is shock at the unexpected, at the unannounced. All I have today is the best of wishes. A hope that all lives that touched mine are happy always. Goodbyes are never nice words. I would prefer good wishes, good luck and take cares.

And that is all I have, all that is left. No clever quotes, no lines of melancholic songs, no screen of mist before my eyes, no smart lines to write. Just a take care. Just a wish for happiness and peace forever along other individual journeys.

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Debby said...

Reflections, that too on a Tuesday. For me such thoughts come on Saturdays. I like the way you have put it but I am too scared and timid to think such things, though most of them are practical.