Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Peek

Hello everyone, I am back. The picture you see above is a peek into what I was doing the last one month.

There is much to write. And write I will, for my memories to stay afresh, some dark, some humble, some others.
Highlights you ask?

The top one was patrolling with Indian Army troops along the LoC at Poonch sector, Jammu and Kashmir. There was a tanker ride. Then a day at sea getting burnt. Close to Pakistan, the 'enemy', talked about with contempt and hated with passion. The jawans who shared their rotis and stories of home. Melancholic songs of longing around a midnight fire.

A month of rajma and dal makhni and aloo parantha.

Humility, almost a reverence.

Yes, I have a lot to write about. And I will, very soon.

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