Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No More...

There is got to be a bit of blood in the ginger-bread man for him to come alive.

-Margaret Atwood

I found this quote this morning, about how fiction often has a strain of the real life in it. And incidentally, I also had a nasty argument later with someone very dear about something I wrote. This is not the first time, there are many who have accused me of not writing what they want me to, not writing enough about them, even writing about them...I sometimes wish I had named my blog something else.

I simply cannot seem to emphasis this enough. Yes, everything I write is real, from my life, except for the fiction. I admit I have written only a few pieces of fiction here. By the looks of it, I shall not be writing more. The fiction I write is, like Atwood said, derived and inspired by what I see and hear. I have always believed that a writer can write only through deep observation of surroundings and an attempt at studying people around. For me, imagination is not so good as that of, say, Rowling, to conceive something of a whole new world. I can write of the world I see, the places and the people I know.

Again, I want everyone reading this to know that I simply mix what is real with a bit of my imagination to create something new. It is not an attempt to mask the truth or to trick or deceive anyone, least of all, it is not meant to hurt anyone. But maybe it is because most people who read this are those who know me closely, fiction on these pages has led to problems with those that I love dearly.

My apologies to everyone who has been inadvertently hurt by the words I write, yet again. I write of some feelings, that does not mean I don't understand other feelings. I write because to me, it is therapy; I need to constantly write; and not because I want to hurt anyone in any manner. If hurting was my intention, I wouldn't be much of a writer, would I?

And again, what was meant to me a short one paragraph post runs along... I shall stop now.

No more fiction here. Period.


Karthik Parimal said...

You write real well...cheers :)

Deepa said...

Thanks Karthik