Tuesday, February 09, 2010

No to Brinjal

I don't eat brinjal, that is the one vegetable I don't eat at all. Long ago, my doctor had told me I need to eat it to get my strength or something back and I had balked. I love the colour of the brinjal, a bright purple.

But whatever, Jairam Ramesh finally had the sense to say no to Bt Brinjal, at least for the moment. We fear that when the hue and cry about GM foods has died down a bit, the government will quietly introduce it. I hope I am wrong though.

People I overheard in the newsroom did question the intelligence of "illiterate farmers," and demanded that the scientists thrust the technology down their throats, "who cares about farmers, how else can we improve productivity?"... J and I were speechless, I mean, it is kind of hard to argue with people who are vigorously insist on being dumb, dumb, dumb.

As for us, the moment the decision was out, we made plans to party!

Say NO to everything GM! Thank you very much!

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