Monday, June 21, 2010

Coffee and Hating Technology

I hate technology, that is certain now. Though I am well aware that it is with technology that I am reaching you all. I hate technology because of how dependent it has made me. So last week, I am trying to write something, day dreaming, staring at the walls and then bending my head to let my fingers type away and suddenly, the damn things doesn't even give me a warning (!), my laptop hangs. I say ok, not a big problem and I switch it off and switch on again. And there is nothing. A dark black screen stares back at me. I stare harder, hoping it will relent. But no, I have never been able to get the better of damn technology and I blink first.

Some frantic calls later, I end up in the service centre in the other side of this polluted world I now live in and more running around later, I walk home with a lighter bag. A long, frustrating week later, I get the system back today, finally! And technology is still going ha-ha at me. All of the data is there, I paid a mini bomb to get it restored, but I can't find anything! I don't know where my files are, where the favourites bar is (so so many important websites), I can't even find the bloody MS Word!!! Talk about frustration. Plus the recycle bin lands up in all corners of the screen, the screensaver won't stay, I can't get Word! I mean, is that the heights of an argh! moment or what!!!

I hate technology, in case you still didn't get it from the rant above. I managed to get internet working, though Chrome won't show up on the desktop and I have to click some million folders to get to it. And so I could rant. And no, I don't feel better. Oh, I forget, my laptop says hello in Chinese when I switch it on now!!! Talk about salt on the wound!!

Someone told me I should go back to using pen and paper. Gladly, I tell you, gladly. Just that the damn world won't follow, will it?
I will get it working, I think. And emerge all the more wiser. (You see, I have to tell myself that) Till then, let me continue cringing and going argh!

Oh, plus, coffee makes me feel horrible in the stomach now! Kind of a bad bad feeling that almost forces me to think twice about that second cup. And this is not even my usual strong coffee, mind you! I never thought I would live to say this! My once-addiction, my source of solace from the world, the coffee! Ma tells me its a good sign that I am being healthy. Well, booo to that. Am I not allowed to have even that one vice of choice? Well, argh to that as well!!! :-(


D.Nambiar said...

Seriously? You don't drink coffee these days? Not even the milkless, sugarless one; the Deepa spl those boys at xpress canteen made u?

You know, my dad has a problem with my coffee drinking habit. :(

Tell me, how dya `follow' your blog?

lotsa love,

Deepa said...

No Div, not even that coffee of mine. Hate it, the coffee makes me feel weird these days :-(

To follow the blog, you need to log into blogger (with your Gmail account) and on the Dashboard, at the bottom of the page, there is a link to follow blogs. Just click on that and add the blogs you want to follow. Every time these are updated, it will show on the dashboard.

D.Nambiar said...

Oh so there's another way to follow eh...`By the url'. Ok I was looking for the follower widget. :)