Wednesday, June 02, 2010

No Thread Could Carry the Kites Along

There is only so much I am going to say about the really depressing movie that BK and I ended up at this afternoon. Depressing because it was such a waste of Hrithik Roshan in a movie that had the potential of being quite good.

Kites was only him, for me. He looks nothing short of divine, a Greek God, bronzed, chiseled and oh-soooo-damn-hot that it is cruel to see that such men are not made even in hundreds. How can someone be so perfect? I am drooling here, sigh…..(long pause)…. still reeling under the effect… Sigh! He looks like a hot Mexican himself. There is nothing much else to the movie. Barbara Mori looked better in the promos. In the movie she looks older than him, though I absolutely loved her smile in some scenes. There is no plot, only mindless car chasing and a lot of noise.

The villain is ugh! The handsome Kabir Bedi is wasted. Hrithik Roshan, the good actor that he is (and make women-kind weak in the knees gorgeous, I must add again!) tries hard to save the movie but after a while, even sighing over his perfection doesn't help you get excited about the next scene. There is some cute Spanish, one language I have always wanted to learn (I love the way it rolls off the tongue; also to be able to read Marquez in the original). There are a few glimpses of sweetness in some scenes, a smile here, a line there. One incredible dance by Hrithik. Some good chemistry between the two. The song 'Zindagi Do Pal Ki'. Some great shots of the desert. But that’s it. The rest of the film is purely a test of patience to sit through.

I suggest you download stills from the movie and stare at Hrithik instead. For long hours. Between deep sighs.



DIVYA said...

AH!! My husband just watched the movie and couldn't stop talking about Barbara Mori! that blank, lost expression and that silly smile I know so well!! :)

Deepa said...

Men! I can imagine.
She is really not that great though....of course Hrithik is...sigh! ;-)