Friday, August 20, 2010

The Gypsy Caravan and Other Stories

Amidst distraction the last time around, I was to write now about the column. I am telling myself it is no big deal, but what the heck, I am allowed to scream and shout here. Like I always say, in my head, this is one place where I refuse to be politically correct or pretend or be "not me."

Ladies and gental-men, the writer of this blaagh is also now a columnist! Drum roll please and loud applause too, if you will!!! :-) The magazine is EDGE, a feature-heavy weekly magazine currently circulated in the North East, very soon to come to other cities near you! The name of the column, arrived at after several several hours of debate, is The Gypsy Caravan.

For several years, I had this secret fantasy of being a columnist some day. The friend Debanish Achom then went ahead and started a magazine of his own, one that is satirical at best and with features from different states. Then he went further ahead and committed a mistake, that of telling me to write a column on any thing I wanted! Absolutely anything! I still can't get used to the fact that I can actually write anything I want! Well, so, three columns down, I continue to write anything I want! And needless to say, it has been a fun riot doing that. Another dream fulfilled, several more to go! :-)

Let me ask Achom, the editor in chief, if I can post the columns here. The website looks super cool, but is still to be up and running. Till then, maybe I could put them here.

That apart, I am busy busy. Don't ask me doing what, I just seem to be busy doing half a dozen things. I think.

I am reading Tolstoy's The Kreutzer Sonata. I love his works. Someday, I will learn Russian and read them in the original.

Big time music is happening. I have never been much of a music listener but off late, the days of my life seem to work better with some background music on. I love Bob Dylan during some hours of some days, the rest is as random as my days. I am teaching myself to work with music on too. It is yet to happen.

On that note, the week that I was home, ma and I watched the finale of Indian Idol. I haven't watched TV regularly since six years; neither do I believe in reality shows, but Sreeram, the winner, bowled me over. I endured some three hours of nonsensical theatrics to see him win. I so loved his voice that I actually bothered watching the older shows on You-Tube and made myself a mental note to follow his music.

On that note again, I deeply regret giving up learning music. No, I am not great, but I don't bray either. In one of my future projects, I should take it up, yet again.

The Havyaka dialect came to me very late in life. Though reading it is a bit of a struggle, I am enjoying these days reading the Havyaka website for its delightful sections.

The weekend is going to be one with some very dear friends around. Have a good one yourselves, dear all!

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