Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happiness!!! (Mostly)

I went about town this morning. Ma and I had a lot of girly things to do. We did the usual rounds of the shops, each place, stopping a wee bit longer to say hello, ask of family, work and smile a lot. I had written this a long time ago, how I come home to Madikeri to smile, that I do.

I met an old friend of a friend, jumpy and very sweet. Then there were half a dozen other people, shop owners, people I have grown up seeing and smiling at. With Baghi aunty, one absolute darling of a person, there was the usual books-beauty-life-gossip. It was hot this morning. Lot of tourists about town; I walked with the pride of belonging here. I hear rain outside now, it will start to get really cold in a bit. I can't wait.

Its festival time and people, random people, smile at each other. Its glorious Dasara tomorrow.

Plus, an old classmate called to say he postponed his return abroad to attend the big reunion next Sunday. Sweet! I hadn't spoken to him in the last 7 years. That reunion I'm supposedly organising is generating much excitement, the instincts tell me it'll be super fun.

I really have nothing to say here. Just that I am home, in the hills, it will be cold, there is good coffee, some travel, many people I love, Madikeri. Happiness!!!!! :)

(Is it me or is this post way too disjointed?)

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