Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tripura Anyone?

Pic courtesy: Miss Imti!

Ma and I are planning this long long trip across thousands of kilometres and I am suitably mighty excited! I was juggling between multiple websites to figure out a rough plan when I realized that India also has a state called Tripura. No, of course I knew the state existed, but that's just about it. I don't remember reading anything of significance from there, though I think it did figure in my granny's stories. Neither do I know anyone or heard of anyone who is from there. Nor do I know anyone who has ever been there.

Nagaland is where Lizzie is, so I know. Manipur I have friends. Mizoram I used to know someone. Sikkim I have been to. Arunchal Pradesh, yes the controversies. Asom (is that how it's spelt now?) is known. Tripura slips in somewhere now. That very fact makes me want to go there. What is Tripura?

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Samuel Gnanadurai said...

I know i am commenting for a post that is almost a year old. But can't help it. NE is such a lovely place to be in. I think even you have mentioned some where in the blog about NE. I ve been there in Tripura and it was such a pleasure being there. But, the entire state was badly terrorist hit. Only in the last 4 -5 years people are living a normal life there.