Friday, December 31, 2010

The Obligatory Year-End Post

(A painting by Philip Imti, Lizzie's dad, that I particularly loved. The painting that he told me is of the rainbow of dreams that translates into solid reality.)

I don't quite remember what I was doing on New Year's Eve last year, maybe I was home, I can't be sure. I have never been the partying kinds, so I was definitely not out on the dance floor. It has always been just another day, and this year is no different.

I went back to my blog archives and saw what I had written. I had just finished my big speech at the trust function. This year too, the event went on much better. Last Dec 31, I chose not to dwell on the events of that year, by far the worst I have lived through. It was a year where I was left gasping for breath but managed to see through, of course with scars that you would not see outward. I wrote about hopes for 2010. Did they work?

Well, this year has been a year of changes as well. For one, I quit my job to face the uncertain. I travelled extensively, tried to write, prioritized and embraced the fact that my family comes before anything else, went through ideas, people, lessons.

2010 was a year spent trying to recover from the after effects of 2009. In the process, I dare to say that I emerged with bruises, but as a stronger, hopefully better, human being. I learnt, the good and more importantly, the not-so-shiny side of things. Through all that, I lived a life. And won that battle of waking up every day and putting a smile on my face.

I dare to say that 2011 will see more goodness and love and more changes. I don't make resolutions. But as with every year, there is fresh hope. And the key word is going to be to 'Let Go'. There is much on the mind, not just emotional, but otherwise too; many ideas, things, people that I need to get off my brain.

I just got off the phone with a dear friend who called up to say he had decided his new year's resolution. Weirdly, he was talking about the exact same thing! There are rocks that I feel we carry in our heads, pitfalls that strangely translate into the accumulation of another load on the mind. Here is hoping 2011 will be a lighter year, light from letting go of the too-many things on the mind, including the fear that there might be hurt again, a crippling fear that allows not to move forward. Here is hoping for openness and for the courage and strength to keep steps ahead. Here is to letting go.

Let the sun shine. Happy new year everyone.


RK said...

Hope springs eternal, right? 2011 will be a lighter year if you decide to "make it" lighter. Remember that no one can make you feel a certain way. You have to be proactive and decide how you feel...
So, what will you decide?? :) Btw, new year resolutions are for procrastinators!

Deepa said...

I do plan to make it lighter! :)
And aren't resolutions made to be broken? ;)
Happy new year btw to you, Vin and the munchkins!