Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Conversation with Some New Mountains

A little cute-as-a-button school girl told us about this place when we were near a water falls earlier today. About 40 kms from Madikeri, this was the first time my parents and I saw this place. There are some mean mountains here, the kind that will be a joy to climb. Imagine a place as filled with bird songs, pure air, feisty winds, and endless mountains till the eyes can see, whichever direction you look! Then imagine having that entire place all to yourself without another soul in sight!

No broken beer bottles, no cigarette butts, no Frooti tetra packs, no human beings!
And people ask me why I am obsessed about mountains and why I fall in love with my district over and over and over again!!

A fern caught the setting sun's eye...

The bluest blues and the greenest greens and moss filled trees. The wet smell of moss.

Women walk back to their house after working in the fields. Isolated they are, but there is electricity and satellite television. There are much more very severely isolated villages hardly an hour out of Madikeri.

Who makes these out of this world colours!!? One of the best sunsets I have seen in years.
(the picture is in very low res and is no where close to how gorgeous it was)

The selfish me is bent upon keeping this secret.
Aside; I don't remember the last time it was so quiet that I was able to hear the flapping of a bird's wings when it soared higher and higher against the setting sky. Today I did. The bird flew up and away. I wished I was there alongside it.


Eto Demerzel said...

It reminds me how long it's been since I looked at the stars.(my equivalent of listening to the sound produced by the flapping wings of a bird.)


Captain Nemo said...

It is good to keep certain things secret and only a few are privileged to have another place all of their own, other than their hearts.
Pictures are lovely, low res or not, very enticing.

Deepa said...

@ Eto, I know the feeling...I saw the Milky Way yesterday and was in awe too.

@ Achyutha, thank you.

Biju Jacob said...

lovely pics that speak a thousand words!