Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love you, Mamma

Mothers have this horrible habit of knowing exactly what you are up to, almost all the time. Like all mothers, mine has made a lifelong habit of being annoyingly right about my moods, anger, disappointment, joy and lies. But this time around, a lot of elaborate secret keeping happened and ma's face was a sight to see when I walked in through the gate the day before her birthday.

Surprise gifts and love went round and round, I went around town and came up with a lot to write (all of that later) and made her some great (so I claim!) pasta with white sauce for dinner. She made us some fruit punch and we had dinner inside, not under the wide dark sky filled with million stars as was planned (way too cold and I have the most horrible cold and non-fever).

My parents are not much the pasta-eating kind, but as all parents are, they are very lavish in appreciating it.

What would I do without them, my utter support system.

Happy birthday Amma. Love you. :-*


Captain Nemo said...

Hmmm... very sweet.
Here's wishing her a belated very happy birthday and a hundred more happy ones to come.

Deepa said...

Thank you for your kind wishes. Will pass it on to her.