Monday, February 14, 2011

"I am Bryan" (!!!)

The crowd went crazy when THE Bryan Adams said that. "I am Bryan." Of course!! I yelled too and felt like the teenager I was when I first fell in love with his songs. There were all the regular favourites, 'There will never be another tonight', 'Here I am', 'Back to you' and of course 'Please Forgive Me', 'Everything I do, I do it for you', 'Summer of 69' and '18 Til I die'. Lizzie and I were quite near the front of the mad crowd, jammed between couples, young teens with their mothers (yes, really!) and other motley people.

There were annoying moments, several of them. Some near tiffs with some uncultured, arrogant bastards (can't help using that word here) from up North of the country and some irritating couples who wanted Adams to 'bajao' his songs and try some Shah Rukh Khan songs (really?Ha!) But then, there was a super huge screen, great guitar, and the band in black. And Bryan Adams!

The crowd was interesting, from Kannada superstar Shivarajkumar to aunties with diamonds dripping from their necks in the Rs 8,000 VIP section to mothers and young sons to couples to the loners who closed their eyes and soaked in the music. There were also the young boys selling Coke and Miranda in plastic cups, popcorn, chips and samosa, balancing their boxes above a hundred heads, oblivious to any screams or the strums of the guitar. All they were after was for a chance to make a living that day.

Many of his songs have touched a chord in me for the memories I associate with them. Not all those memories are happy ones. Yet, despite nearly 4.5 hours of standing on our feet, losing all sensation from being tired and then walking a mile to get an auto to get back home, I was happy. I love that guy, I love his music. I would gladly suffer all that again to hear him again. The purists who say otherwise about his genre be damned.

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Deepa said...

Hey sorry Captain Nemo, while moderating, I deleted your comment by mistake instead of publishing it and couldn't retrieve it.

You should have come to the concert because he played Cut like a knife, Night to remember and several of the lesser popular numbers.