Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Drab Opinions

Someone I once used to consider a really good friend once told a mutual friend about how he detests people writing about their personal lives on their blogs. ???!! Well, sometimes I laugh at people, for their self pretentiousness. Apparently, blogs are meaningful only if you write tall lines about nuclear disasters and such like. To each his own, me thinks.

Honestly, I find writing my take on current events highly drab. Perhaps it will be a lifelong hangover from trying to set an opinion as a journalist on issues. I very rarely read such blogs myself, unless its a famous writer with a blog. Honesty again. Opinions matter, of course. But well, with an exception today, I would rather not bore you with mine. Like I said, to each his own, I suppose.

I shall say this once. I think B S Yeddyurappa is by far the worst chief minister Karnataka has ever had the misfortune of having. The rest of his cabinet, barring two, are no angels either.

The technology laggard that I am, after what must be years, I actually called up a friend today, asked him how to use Torrent and began using it! I know piracy is bad, but there isn't a chance in hell I am paying some Rs 600 for a single album! Make it cheaper and like with pirated books, I shall kiss Torrent goodbye, thank you very much!

I think the whole charade about reality shows, especially those involving children and gyrating dance moves, is very undignified, crass and steals them of their precious childhood. It is terrible that kids no longer have innocence about them.

I am not sure tourism is always good for a place, any place. They sure do talk about eco-tourism, sustainable models and such like, but having seen it from the ground upwards, it doesn't too good for the soul of a place. And I hate what has happened in Kodagu because of the weekend, shorts-and-tee sporting, affluent city crowd whose idea of my district is a great place for girls and alcohol. Yes, you gather that I hate it. Pity that the Malnad region is now said to be heading that way.

Uff, the very fact that my heart is not in writing this post means that I couldn't care less about sharing my opinion about the state of the world, neither do you about reading it.

And thus, this turned into a pointless post!

The only happy news I have to report is that I have started writing again. Not the articles, not the work bit, but the kind of writing that I quit my job for. One product is out of the mind already and my best (worst, the way you look at it) critics whose reactions matter were supposedly impressed. I am still grinning! :)


Captain Nemo said...

Good... Keep grinning. And more power to you.

Deepa said...

:-D Thank you Achyutha!

Prakash said...

will you send me your article about Dr Regi and Lalitha of Sittilingi

Deepa said...

Mr Prakash, please check All the details you would need are there. In case you need anything else, please write to me. Thanks.

Giribala said...

Yes, keep writing! Even I would not like to read information/opinion of random people on current events on their blogs. But if the writer is a friend, I would read it :-)

Deepa said...

Thanks Giribala! :) I find them excruciatingly boring, but like you, if the writer's a friend, I force myself to read :)