Tuesday, March 08, 2011

One Day. One Day At a Time. One Day Henceforth.

This book is supposedly falling off the shelves these days, lucky Nicholls! Now I have been fussy most times to read books that become sensations overnight, at least for the first few months, years even. I read the Stieg Larsson series only a few weeks ago; that should tell you what I mean. He combines crime and sex in a manner that makes me remember James Bond in parts, the series couldn't not have been the success it is. Helped of course by the author's intriguing personal story.

So one day I decided to take the risk and picked up One Day, a new sensation. I couldn't be bothered to review it just now. Read The Guardian's here. The book is rather nice and funny, though definitely not extraordinary. I felt it to be something of a mild chick-lit crossed with Love Story and more than a hint of When Harry met Sally. It is hugely funny in parts.

But the reason why I think the book strikes you is because you can so identify with some parts. I talk of the 20-somethings who have moved to cities and get busy in the daily struggle of trying to get the better of all that the urban wall bounces off you. Friends, fun, work, struggles, survivals, it quite hits home, sometimes a little too much.

Makes me wonder, you know. Life is passing by. And I wish I wasn't the sorts to be noticing it do so. Suddenly responsibilities are heavier, the 'future' isn't something that will happen many years ahead. You realize that dad gets tired easily these days, that mom is taking longer to recover from a bout of fever. You get asked an opinion. It all starts to matter.

I suppose it is a case of all of us having finally become "grown ups."
One Day, all of a sudden, it strikes you without much warning.


D.Nambiar said...

You make me want to read it. I'm gonna do just that. Hope all's well with you.

Deepa said...

Hey Divs! Thanks!
Read it, hits home in many places.
I'm doing good. Howz you? Howz Preeth?

D.Nambiar said...

We're good, Thank you.
I don't know if u remember this ... but you once recommended Shantaram to me and I loved it. So I'm definitely reading this one too. (Sometime. :) Reading is too slow these days.

Deepa said...

:-) Shantaram is a good book, though a little too long.
Read this one when you can, I am sure Preeth keeps you busy.
Much love.