Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Magazine, Another Story

Prayas is a new emagazine that aims to focus on social protection issues and the development sector in India. It is a Sattva Media publication. Their inaugural issue has a story on Tribal Health Initiative that I wrote. It is a general story on THI, focusing on the health model adopted there. Read it here.

Some corrections: In the author profile, my surname has been spelled wrong :( Plus I have been working with THI for a year now, not two years as is mentioned on the page. Also, the pictures of the hospital and the ward are by my friend Manjunath Kiran, not mine, as is mentioned.

I quite liked the magazine, some nice features there. The entire mag in the pdf format is here. Take a look, and let the team know what you think.


Captain Nemo said...

Good Job. By them and by you.
Wishing them all the best.

Deepa said...

Thank you :)