Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I quite like this picture for some reason, taken one rainy afternoon from inside the car. The effect was not deliberate.

Makes me think, life is rather fluid, isn't it? It flows from one phase to the next, from one moment to the other, without clear demarcating lines to mark where one begins and where one ends. Life is many things....and I am at the moment not sure what I want to describe mine as.


Captain Nemo said...

Exactly, just like Cratylus' : 'You cannot step into the same river even once'
You should read Bart Kosko's 'Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic' a good book though a bit technical.

Giribala said...

This is nice, especially the interpretation!

Deepa said...

@ Achyutha, I quite like that line, Cratylus'. Haven't heard about the book though, sounds like I wouldn't understand it!

And thanks Giribala! :)

Hasmita said...

Lovely. The photo and your take on it. Came to your blog from your Coorg article on GoNomad. That was a well-written piece!

Deepa said...

Thank you Hasmita :) For both the comments! Do come back and read some more!