Saturday, December 28, 2013

These Last Ten Days

Bamboo cottages to private music concerts around the fire. Strawberry fields to strawberry wine. Our own La Poderosa. 3000 steps to private spaces everyplace to blue lagoons to many miles of walking to legends and storytelling to strange fruits to food to vintage places. And the cold. And the beautiful people. Many, many, many stories and indulgences and the near perfectness of the last ten days. I had hesitantly whispered to myself how much I had riding on this trip. I can now triumphantly shout out how insanely better it was than I could have hoped for.Thank you.
For these days.
For the words - amazing, incredible, beautiful, nice.
For the smiles.
For Christmas Eve.
For this year.
And for the ones that I know for certain will come.


Sumukhi said...

You're the best nomad in town! ;) Looks gorgeous!

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Full cute and all you are!! :) Thank you.