Saturday, June 11, 2005

Heart, Brave Be Thee!

I have fallen in love with movies lately, old, new, serious, dumb, plain timepass, you name it and I would probably have seen it. My quota is one movie per day. At present, I am going through the classic English movie stage. Watched Braveheart yesterday. That Mel Gibson is a hottie is just one of the many reasons why I loved the movie. They dont make movies like Braveheart anymore. There is love, passion, violence, betrayal... the whole deal. The film is about how Mel takes revenge for the murder of his wife. The fight turns into a war against England for the freedom of Scotland. Mel is betrayed and is about to be executed after being tortured. He is asked to beg for mercy but does not relent. Finally he struggles to say a word, the word is a last warrior's cry for "FREEDOM". It is the most touching scene I have ever seen. Gibson has in his hands a piece of cloth embroidered by his dead wife. The crowd is silent as his head is chopped off.
If you have tears in your eyes, you will shed them here.
The movie brings back old world ideals like love and courage and sacrifice and honour. The love Mel feels for his wife and the passion for revenge and freedom that drives him could only be described, inadequately nevertheless, in superlatives. Circumstances have made me one of the biggest cynics ever. I do not believe that thing called love exists anymore. What you see these days are just varying degrees of lust, compromise and tolerance and attachment. Someone has rightly said that love is like a ghost, everyone talks about it but noone has actually seen it! As far as I am concerned, love is extinct and all the more better if a lot of distance is put between that idea and me. But Braveheart made even me, the High Priestess of Cynisism, want desperately to believe that maybe such a thing really exists. Maybe a lot of us have to look for it throughout our lives, like the search for Atlantis, but then again, it is like God. You dont have to see Him to believe. Faith is after all believing in that which you know to be untrue. Love is all about believing and in keeping the faith. So maybe I need to explore the idea that it might be 'out there'.
One last word, I loved the music in the movie. The Scottish pipes are fabulous, seems to take you to the Scotland of the 13th century. All in all, Braveheart has, to an extent, restored a teeny-weeny bit of my faith. A high5 to Gibson for just that.

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