Saturday, June 18, 2005

I am addicted!!!!!

Yes, I am an addict. I have come to looooovvveee coffee so much. I call myself an addict as it shocks people and I live for that! Super strong sugarless coffee is what gets me going. just love it!
Akashvani is great. I have great fun. Great people, friendly and so helpful. For some added attraction, there is this cute guy with a smile that makes me drool. No ulterior motives though, please note. Not interested in such extra-curricular activity for the moment. Will leave that to my friends for now. But no harm in appreciating beauty. I know few people with such a happy, innocent smile. This guy is cute in a chocolate-boy kind of way, could be called a friend and has one of the best smiles I have ever seen! Thats that then!
I am considerably okay now. Still hurting but better than before. I have some great friends who keep in constant touch with me, I am very busy with work, still have a lot of holidays left, home atmosphere is very condusive... life is good again!

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