Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Missed Calls!

The mobile revolution has been simply amazing. I keep in touch with more people than I ever thought possible for a recluse like me. I must admit that this 'keeping in touch' is largely restricted to forwarding dumb jokes and senti stuff which now fail to make even a dent of impact as a result of an overdose of them. But nevertheless, I know what these people are up to and thats what necessary. I love the connectivity that the mobile gives and is today indispensible in life, so much that now the size of my list of cant-get-out-without-these has increased from a one item of my wallet to my mobile.
The mobile is lovely but not the missed calls that come with it. There is something very irritating about missed calls. It is like people who are bored and jobless assume that I am also bored and jobless and think it is very amusing to give missed calls back and forth. People who are acquainted with me seem to think I enjoy this at all times of the day and night, but trust me, I dont. Thankfully, most of my friends dont do this anymore.
Note to anyone reading this: I do not enjoy missed calls. If in the extreme case you miss me, talk or send a message and be distinguished between a friend and a person who doesnt know how to respect other's privacy. I dont respect such people! People who continue to do so are plain.......(what shall I say, I intend this to be a family blog) jerks (for want of a better word).

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