Friday, June 03, 2005

Political Activity

Much to my mother's chagrin, I loooovveee politics! She doesnt get it, nor do my friends. she wonders why I cant just love Shahrukh Khan or Tom Cruise. Well, I used to, I LIKE them still. But I am half a journalist already and I already love to hate politicians and the stupid things they say. the profession is such, you know. You need to know what's with the world. And politics is a great stress buster. I usually roll on my bed laughing at the Great Indian Political Drama played out at regular intervals on the ubiquitous 24-hour news channel stage.
My family is one that eats, laughs and fights together. We try to maintain peace but when something political comes up, it is a no rules, no holds fight. Ideologies become thicker than blood. Ultimately, we are all "right" but that doesnt stop us from accusing every party in town of ruining the country.
A year from now, I am entering politics. No, am not contesting, that's only for criminals, illiterates and the otherwise jobless! I will officially start telling others how we are letting funny people rule us. Political analysis??? I am not sure if Indian politics is so complex as to require serious analysis. Not that I dont intend to do some!! Politics out there is getting really good. Mom's sure going to rue the day she got me to read newspapers and encouraged my debates. I for one cannot wait!!!!


Pradeep Nair said...

After I went through a few of your posts, I was encouraged to come here, your first post on this blog.

It should have a comment, shouldn't it,... even though it's after nearly four-and-a-half years!... My first comment on your blog.

I too was around on the blogosphere that time. Don't know how I missed you! It was like this on blogspot.

Just as I was getting a bit arrogant about my blogging and the traffic it was getting, my Google account got hacked... that was in July last year,... and I lost my blog, my email, picasa, orkut and everything... Took a few days to get out of the depression!

Though I wrote to Google it didn't help.. The blog is still there, though... at

Now I am on Wordpress.
Go to:

Deepa Bhasthi said...

Wow! My first post gets a comment, finally, after 4.5 years!!!

Thanks Pradeep, keep coming back to read.