Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Town is Sick!

Madikeri is sick! Well, not as in sick sick of course, sick as in the people are all ill. One crucial thing that I did not mention in the previous post was the weather in Madikeri. The town is pleasant most year around, being a hill station. But monsoon is the time to see some real action though. The rain lashes across your face, the winds are very fierce and very chilly, the mist is so thick that you cannot see more than a few feet ahead... I love it, much to the disgust of the mother and the friend Raksha! Earlier the rain would fall continuously for days on end, sometimes a slight drizzle, sometimes a downpour, always lovely. Then there is this dangerous tendency where the sun comes out for a few hours followed by cold rain. This has how it has been of late. The hot-cold combo is so bad that the strongest of us fall sick. Reason how the whole town is down with fever, cold... the whole deal. The last "great" victim was yours truly!!!(result of not being regular with my yoga. I have learnt my lesson.)
I was sick all these days. Was in bed, rested. But the worst thing was my house arrest. Ma wanted me fit as a fiddle before I went back to uni next week and did not let me out for the last SIX days!! My idea of hell played out! But now I'm back. Like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, I now cry out...FREEDOM!

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