Monday, July 25, 2005

Notes on Notes

Dad gave me some money when I was on the way here. One of the hundred rupees notes that he gave me had a little note written on it. It was addressed to 'my dear friend' from 'your never(!) friend' for some occassion that was not written legibly. Its funny you know, the way people use currency notes to write things from an ardent declaration of undying love to their girl/boy friends to their names- for what purpose I do not know- to a shopping list for groceries or vegetables. Even if you are giving the note as a present to someone, the idea of writing your names on it is stupid, you will be spending it anyways. Money should be respected and it would do everyone some good to keep a pen and some paper handy.
Also, love is best expressed in a thousand other subtler ways, you should not have to shout from the rooftop to be heard!

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