Sunday, August 28, 2005


Dont know if I have mentioned it but I write (bad) poetry. Here is one I wrote when I was supposed to be reporting on some feminist lecture recently. I know its not good but what the grow I have always believed that you need to expose yourself to the elements. Remember, ...comments are free (part of a journalism quote).


Down the lane...
Lost a toy
Dont know where
Lost a coin
Slipped off my hand
Lost a tooth
Fell off the stair
Lost a tear
To a scrapped knee.

Further up the road...
Lost ignorance
To many a learned lesson
Lost a soul
To many a sweet word
Lost in translation
Now lost a smile, a laugh
To a memory fresh as dew
That refuses in life
To lose itself.


Jonathan Wonham said...

That's nice.

San Nakji said...

Sounds good to me ;-)

Deepa Bhasthi said...

gee thanks!
have a lot of other (bad) poems. maybe i should put up some of them

San Nakji said...