Sunday, August 28, 2005

Paulo Coelho

I love this guy! I am sure you would have atleast heard of his book 'The Alchemist'. I shall not comment on his books, its beyond me. He writes in short, simple sentences. All his stories are classified as fiction but there is a lot of philosophy behind them.
I have read a lot of his books, not all are masterpieces. The Alchemist is any day the best of the lot. It talks of a young boy following his heart, in turn teaching us to listen to our inner voice. Eleven Minutes is good too, kind of like the movie Pretty Woman with philosophy. His recent book is The Zahir, which I am reading now.
The best thing I like about his books is that I somehow happen to read them when I am in a kind of state that he describes. Uncanny, I know, but I always find a message for me in there somewhere.

Read at least one of his books. For more details, check out


San Nakji said...

Mrs San Nakji loves The Alchemist, I have never read it... should I?

Deepa Bhasthi said...

yes yes yes!!!!!!!! i would also highly recommend 'eleven minutes ' and 'the zahir'