Sunday, August 07, 2005


Tagged! Here goes!

1. Ten years ago: I was 12 years old, going back and forth between school and hospitals (long story, will make it an interesting post some day). I did not have a clue what I wanted to be when I grew up and passed on from wanting to be an astronaut (actually, the first woman in space but the late Kalpana Chawla beat me to it, God bless her soul), a globetrotter, do my MBA, a doctor and so many others.

2. Five years ago: Was still in school, pre-university college we call it, was still clueless. Read everything I could get my hands on, had an easy pace of life.

3. One year ago: Easy one. I had just moved into the uni hostel and was getting adjusted to being away from home, being the belle of my town and the princess of my parents. Had become more independent than before, much to the horror of ma. Was a reporter for Campus Courier (editor now!), life was really hectic for the first time but it felt good to be so busy. My social life was swinging too, reading habits came down.

4. Yesterday: Usual classes. Almost lost my famous temper at my classmates. Problem with the computers again. Started reading Lev Tolstoy's (grew up reading his books) Resurrection. Listened to a friend's problems which made me think of my own.

5. Today: Boring class. Watched one of Satyajit Ray's classic movies, Charulatha for the Film Studies paper that we need to do this year. Prof cancelled Campus Courier and we might have to do an extra day. My woes will never end in this regard. Finalised my dissertation topic. I will be writing my research paper on "The Role of Newspapers and Television in Shaping the Political Opinions of Youth: A Study in Madikeri Town".

6. Tomorrow: Classes again. Got to go to the library (our librarian claims its the 4th best in the country, we have strong doubts about it though) early in the morning for some research. Hopefully, the Army Major I am interviewing for our special Independence Day newsletter will send in the answers.

7. Five snacks I enjoy: Not too big on junk food, not too big on eating actually, dont have the time for it. (Reminds me of a journalism quote I read somewhere: ...You eat when you can, you sleep when you're done. That's basically me these days.) There is this dry dates that I love to nibble on though. Ma makes excellent food and I love most of it. I cant cook beyond the basics and dont mean to learn in the immediate future. I love coffee (I have said that enough already!) if that counts!

8. Five bands or singers: I used to hate those boy bands that cropped up when I was in high school. I now listen to Mukesh (I love his songs), Bryan Adams, Shania Twain... I enjoy instrumental a lot lately, Mozart, Zakhir Hussein and others.

9. Five things I would do with $100,000,000: How much is that in Indian currency? Anyway, I would travel, travel and travel some more. Would start my own charity, not sure what cause. Show me the money first! I would buy a newspaper or start my own. I would buy a Mercedes (or whichever else he wants) for dad as he is almost obsessed with cars. And I would build a open-air theatre for ma and found a company of artists, its her dream to do that.

10. Five locations I'd love to run away to: This is hard. I want to go everywhere! Off the top of my head, I would say, Africa for the desert, Antartica for the ice, Madikeri for the home and mountains, Brazil for the colour and Kailash Parvat, Manasa sarovar. (As a kid, I had made up this route on a world map. I figured I would need 3 crore rupees and had a list of things I would take.)

11. Five bad habits: A very short temper, great listener (believe me, it is not good for your mental peace!), sort of an introvert, being rude to people I do not like.... ask my friends, I shouldnt be boasting!!!!

12. Five things I like doing: Reading, travelling, writing, blogs and otherwise, trekking and being alone with my thoughts (dont get to do much of it these days)

13. Five TV shows I like: Roswell, News Radio, National Geographic shows,TV watching restricted to holidays and to movies basically. I still laugh at the re-runs of Friends.

14. Famous people I'd like to meet: Tolstoy, Lord Krishna (say what you will), my grandpa (he was famous locally, influenced me a lot though he died just months before I was born), Anne Frank.

15. Five people to tag: I dont think five people read this blog. I would like to see Adam's answers. Also Vaibhav if he's reading this. Like Nick wrote, anyone reading this who wants to answer, consider yourself tagged!


San Nakji said...

Thanks for doing that, very interesting!

Deepa Bhasthi said...

i always tell people, dont give me a pen and a paper (qs here), i can go on writing till the constraints of time compel me to stop.

San Nakji said...

Good journalistic instincts!