Saturday, August 06, 2005

Too Tired to Think of a Title

mmmmmhhhhaaaaaa!!!!! This is me taking a deep breath after a week. I am back at uni and life has been hectic. There is this daily newspaper called Campus Courier that we bring out from my dept. I am one of the editors for the next two weeks. Learnt to set up the page. Bad luck followed me around this week. One day, I couldnt find the format for the paper and we had to get it cancelled, next it was a virus attack and we had to do it all over again, next it was system formatting time and we could use only a couple of computers. All the days we brought out late issues and I would reach the hostel dead tired after eight.
Next week will be just as bad. I have to begin work on my dissertation. We are bringing out a special newsletter for Independence Day, got to work on a tabloid that we get out...
Missed posting all these days. It should be better though after a week.
Tomorrow is Friendship Day. I have always found the idea of celebrating such 'days' absurd. Relationships should be a cause of joy and celebration at all times. But what the heck, to all of those who read this...Happy Friendship Day.

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