Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another Poem

Another of my bad poems. I wrote this in class during some boring lecture!!


Up a mountain
The world in myraid
shades of green
And a turquious blue above
The wind from far away
Through my hair
Makes me wonder
Yonder to look,
Where to head
The compass shows
Many sides.

Up the mountain
Many seasons past
A wiff of soft breeze
Awakens a thought and
Clears up a path
Albeit one strewn with
Thorns, an untried way
Amidst the blues and the green
There lies a direction
My work is my way
My life is my work.


Karthik L G said...

Iv always wondered how poems r written..they express so much with a very few words :O

iv written just one poem till now and its based on an incident which happened to me..thts been my first n only poem todate

search for it in the archives n tell me how it is? i guess its come out well... if u cant find ..temme will give u the link

btw,remember the copilation of poems we of fantasy ???

San Nakji said...

Works for me! Nice.... ;-)

I have a Kannada question for you, will send an email.