Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Coozhin!

For those uninitiated into my weird style of writing :-), coozhin is but of course cousin! I had been on a trek organised by the Youth Hostel of India a few months back. We were just five, the guide, me and my cousin and a French couple. The French guy kept asking questions about India and kept talking about coozhins! But this is not about my trek or the French guy.

This post is to give a link to my cousin Arun Kottolli's blog. Go to http://arunkottolli.blogspot.com All his entries are on tech-marketing, most of which I dont even try to follow :-)

He is a grrrreat photographer and a good writer. He tells me he reads my blog regularly, so Arun, tone down and include some articles for us commoners. And I would like to see your pics too...How about it? Looking forward to it.....

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Arun Kottolli said...

I agree that most of my blogs are tough to follow. I will tone down & write for others too. The main focus of my blog is to write about marketing in High Tech Companies. Naturally, the writing will be quite tought to follow if one does not understand the business of technology.
You are welcome to use my photos anytime - no permissions or credits required :)