Friday, September 16, 2005

Omkareshwara Temple

This is Omkareshwara Temple in Madikeri, my most favourite temple. It is the place I go to to pray, the only place where I feel some really devotion. Not that I am not religious. I believe in God, not much in the institution of religion. Well, that can take up another post.

I did not take this picture, some professional photographer did.

This temple was built in 1823 (I think) by the then king of Kodagu, Lingaraja. The story goes that his eyes fell upon the daughter of a priest and he abducted her to make her his daughter-in-law! Her father brought her back and naturally the king was enraged at this. He got the priest killed and misfortunes began to fall on him. In atonement of having killed a brahmin (which then was the highest of all crimes), he was advised to built this temple.

The temple is that of Lord Shiva and the linga was brought from Kashi. The architecture is unique because unlike temples with gopura, this is shaped like a mosque. The style is Indo-Sarcenic. The tip of the dome is gold plated.

The premises are vast. There is a pond in the front where there are hundreds of fishes, big, huge ones. Most temples in Madikeri are in the middle of the town and dont present you with the serenity the mind craves to pray in. But Omkareshwara is very peaceful. The inside walls are full of paintings from mythology. A lot of cultural events take place in its premises. Every year, there is a 'teppotsava' where the idol is taken around in a boat around the pond. The above pic was taken during one such event.

My extended family was once closely associated with the temple. My dad's uncle was the parpathigar here, sort of like the administrator. It is in some one else's hands now. We are no longer associated with it.


San Nakji said...

I love Hindu temples. I always feel a bit weird going in as I feel like I might be upsetting the gods or something...

Anonymous said...

Hi Deepa,
read ur blog. I am writing u aas i need a favour from you. am looibg for and old friend of mine wh stays in madieri and i have lost her address. I there any muttappa temple in medikeri? She use to stay near that temple and i wish to get her address. Hope you help me out in this case,

Thanks ,