Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Small Joys

Photo by Arun.

I was reminded of appreciating the small joys of life recently. No, I did not have a brush with death or suddenly get a flicker of enlightenment. Life, the say, is the best university you could possibly attend to experiment with human relationships, work on assignments of your personality, fail sometimes in your tests and get through the exam of survival, having learnt the lessons the hard way. (Actually, nobody said this, I just made it up!)

Anyways, I promised myself that I would find time every day to appreciate any one little thing in my life, smile to myself and thank God for it.

The above photo is a close up of a tree trunk. I remember reading somewhere that you can count the age of the tree by the number of rings on the inside of its trunk or the number of lines on its bark. Just look at the beauty of creation!

After a long time, I was in the hostel this afternoon to have lunch. I had a large mug of curds in front of me and drank it at one go. There was this cute white whisker of curd on my upper lip that made me smile. :-)
I cant really call that a blessing but you know, life would be so less uncomplicated if each of us found time to smile at something small and seemingly insignificant, the very things that turn an existance into a life!

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San Nakji said...

Well then, you just said it right? ;-) I like those closeup photos!